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2014-07-31 22:59:35 by Solkrieg

I really don't read all the comments or PM's I get on newgrounds anymore.  I really only use NewGrounds as a secondary cloud (for people to download) and listen.  I also use soundcloud, but my favorite so far is YouTube.  So if you ever have anything to request or ask, hit me up with a PM on YouTube!


2012-06-28 15:17:02 by Solkrieg

Check me out, follow me! Stalk me!


2011-08-25 23:20:34 by Solkrieg /158961754179680

I now have a facebook "Like" page! If you like my audio join up if you want to give me ideas, or just want to know what I'm making next!

Yay, new website!

2011-07-25 01:53:18 by Solkrieg

Got myself a website coded by my brother Vulgotha!


2010-04-29 23:08:24 by Solkrieg

AIM: Solkreig

Welcome to my page, hope you enjoy my audio.